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Originally Posted by Trottier View Post
May I suggest acquiring a sense of proportionality?

You want to run the game, re-program your EA Sports console. The NHL is not your toy. It is a form of entertainment. You pay for the entertainment. You do not get to produce/direct it.

As a fan, having an opinion about fighting is quite different than expecting the NHL to act upon it. If the NHL listened to some on this board, the bluelines would be eliminated, goalies could be run outside the crease and players would be paid minimum wage.
See here's the thing: This isn't about what the fans want. It's about facts. It's about scientific evidence. It's about what should be done for the good of the guys playing in the league.

The poll deals with Canada specifically because fighting is more ingrained in Canadian hockey than hockey anywhere else in the world. There's no fighting in the NCAAs, the European leagues, or amateur hockey. Canadian juniors are the only leagues that allow fighting outside of the North American pros. If the polling data says that Canadians will accept a ban on fighting, then there's no reason that any country wouldn't.

Now look at the science. If anyone in here hasn't read the NY Times three-part series on Boogard, then stop and go read it now. Part three is especially damning.

Here's part 1:

Here's part 2:

Here's part 3:

Here's the money quote for those of you who don't want to read the whole thing:

The scientists on the far end of the conference call told the Boogaard family that they were shocked to see so much damage in someone so young. It appeared to be spreading through his brain. Had Derek Boogaard lived, they said, his condition likely would have worsened into middle-age dementia.
Now people may argue that Boogard was an extreme outlier. The fact of the matter is that four out of four NHL player brains they've tested have been found positive for the C.T.E. condition Boogard had. That includes Rick Martin, who wasn't a brawler by any stretch of the imagination. Ken Dryden is right. We need to reduce unnecessary head trauma of all kinds in the game. None of it's harmless. Fighting is at the top of the list. And if anyone wants to argue that it is necessary, then let me ask you this: Why do they manage to get along without it so well in the European leagues, the NCAAs, amateurs, and for the most part, the NHL playoffs? You may like fighting, but the fact of the matter is that fighting and hockey are NOT one and the same.

Originally Posted by MoreMogilny View Post
I saw this before the Leafs game on TV.

Wanna know the sample size they took?

It was just over 1000 people.

This is why I hate these kind of statistics.
You could basically substitute the word math for "these kinds of statistics." Because that's what we're talking about here, not goals and assists. Ask any statistics professor. I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard to track down the email address of a stat professor at a local community college or something. Sample sizes don't have to be massive. Increasing the sample size actually doesn't affect the accuracy of a poll once you hit the minimum number required to do a poll. The key to an accurate poll once the minimum sample size has been reached is to make sure the respondents are properly varied to match the demographics of the polling group.

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