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12-17-2011, 09:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
I hear that so often when a coach plays a defensive style. And it never turns out to be true. The idea being that if he allowed forwards to play aggressively they'd score more. Maybe true but they'd allow more goals too, and playing defense creates offense on the counterattack -- which the Habs are extremely good at.

I heard much the same about Julien until he won his Cup.
Julien was about 100x better than Martin. Julien never had a team this talented when he was in Montreal either, as far as I can remember.

Martin has one of the most talented teams in ages in his hands and while he's not getting horrible results, they aren't ideal.

The problem with Martin is that he hates young players (or it seems that way). Leblanc scores his first NHL goal? Sit him the rest of the game. A few of the defenseman make some mistakes (Weber, Emelin, Diaz) sit them (or make them play forward) and let Hal Gill continue to suck without a word.

Last game is the perfect example;
We're down 1-goal against Philly most of the game and he gives Mathieu Darche and Petteri Nokelainen 16-minutes each (I like both, but come on) while Leblanc, who scored and showed legit emotion, was benched.

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