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12-17-2011, 11:12 AM
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Listen, count the number of teams over the last 25 years who have wona Cup without having at least one superstar DMan in their lineup. I can only think of a few, perhaps TB and Carolina.... Even the Bruins last year were a rarity cuz they had only one bona fide DMan superstar Chara (Kaberle underperformed, Sedidenberg is no superstar, and who the heck is Johny Boychuk)...

Yeah, to have a good shot at a Cup you need at least two superstar Dmen. At the moment we have one, who is old and perhaps a year away from retirement.

Few teams win Cups with a whole bunch of 'good Dmen'.. they win with a pair iof superstars, another pair of good Dmen of the same caliber as Coburn and Mesz, and another bottom pairing who hardly play any minutes at all.

That's the formula on defense folks. Two superstars, two good Dmen, and two nobodies.

Right now we have one elderly superstar (Timo) and three good Dmen (Coburn, Mesz, and possibly Carle). Shortly we nay be down to zero superstars, plus the latter three mentionned.

Wrong formula, guys.

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