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Originally Posted by bubbafat View Post
I've read the beginner's gear thread and searched the forum for tips specific to purchasing gear for overweight people but haven't had a lot of success (probably just using the wrong terms).

Here's the deal ...

I'm 5'11", 290lbs (down from 340 a year ago - and still making good headway). I wear a size 44 waist pants, 11 shoes (I no longer need wides) and I haven't skated in 20 years.

I grew up in Minnesota and skated a few times a week at local parks or on lakes - but let's be honest ... after 20 years and another 100 lbs ... well ... it's going to be ugly.

So my plan is ...

On 1/9 my "Learn to Skate" classes start. They last 8 weeks. After that I'll probably hit the open ice 2-3 times a week until March when the "Adult Intro to Hockey Skills" class starts. That lasts another 10 weeks followed by the level-2 version of that class.

So this puts me out into July. I should be around 265lbs by now. Then I'd like to start doing stick-and-puck to continue to develop my skating - maybe some pick-up games ... and in about a year maybe I'm ready (physically and technically) to start playing on an entry level team (which I think they call C2 around here [Raleigh]).

Hopefully by this point I'm at about 240 lbs - so I'll probably have a much easier time finding gear.

So off the bat I know I want skates, a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. I'm going to fall a lot and I'd rather not have it hurt.

Question 1: Are there specific things I need to be aware of as a fat guy to make sure I don't just tip through a pair of skates in a few days? A pair of cheap skates won't cut it - I'm thinking of trying to pick up a used pair of top of the line skates from two years ago but maybe I can find last year's model on clearance.

In 10-16 weeks I need to start picking up the rest of the gear - sticks and pads.

Question 2: Am I going to have trouble finding gear that will fit me? I've seen compression jocks for 40-44" waists. I'm wearing 44 pants now - are the sizes realistic? Are there key words I should be looking for (like when I buy pants I look for boot or relaxed cut - not skinny, slims, etc)?

Question 3: Any thoughts on how my weight will affect my stick selection?

And last question(s) ...

Can anyone suggest a small place in the Raleigh/Durham area (or the Triad area - I don't mind driving a little) for hockey gear? Are the shops in the rinks the best places to start or are there other locations worth hitting? I'm sure Dicks Sporting Goods is just great - but I would prefer to find a place that specializes in skating/hockey equipment to make sure I'm getting the right fit for things.

Any other advice for the fat beginner?


jarick, as usual, has given you some great advice, so i'll just add onto that being another shorter, heavier player (5'8", just under 2 bills).
imo, skates and pants will be the biggest issues for you. as jarick said, i wouldn't look for anything less than in the $2-300 range. as a matter of fact, i'd take it even further and say no less than $3-400 range(if buying new). anything less than that and your skates at your weight will fold like lawn chairs(no offense). the important think is to make sure you get fitted properly.

as far as pants, unlike jarick who i remembered reading has longer legs for his height to go along with a "slimmer" waist for his size, length for most of us heftier fellows is an issue. unlike jarick, i just barely don't fit into mediums so i have to go to larges, even though they do fit a bit on the loose side, which is remedied by suspenders.
the bigger problem for me is that they're an inch or so longer than i'd like, but something i don't notice too much while i'm playing.

you being 5'11", it may be a touch less of an issue though. but like jarick said, you may need to go with custom pants at that waist size. another option though may be to look at the warrior hustler, franchise or current model bonafide pants in xl as these particular models in the warrior line seem to fit one size bigger than actual stated size. also, if they fit but are a bit long, i'm told that some repair shops can shorten pants, haven't tried it myself yet though.
another option for pants would be to look into tackla's hefty line, but like customs, that can get pretty pricey as well.

as far as your shin and elbow pads, at your size and sort of "relearning" to skate, again, you're gonna want something higher end as we both know, the bigger you are...etc. i'd suggest nothing less than 2nd to top of the line pads, and you're also gonna want to look into models that run a bit wider. ccm/reebok along with bauer pro series would be a good starting point for shins, elbows you're simply gonna have to try on. gloves are obviously gonna be personal preference.

helmet again is gonna be just find the best helmet that fits...but be aware, with the amount of weight you said you're expecting to lose, you may end up changing helmet sizes on the way down as well.

as for the jocks, do yourself and your locker room mates a favor and stay away from anything that says "compression"...again no offense intended
stick to loose jocks or even separate jock and garters.

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