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12-07-2005, 09:24 PM
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First of all know if the guy is a righty or lefty. Finding this out on the fly could be hazardous to your health. Like was said before if you're out of your league stay as close as possible and keep your feet wide so he doesn't rag doll you. If you are both righties or lefties (the same) then grab his shoulder up high by the collar with your weak hand so he has to throw over your arm. Jerk with your hand that is grabbing him to get him off balance and then let the other hand go. If at all possible get his helmet off first but not at the expense of him grabbing you first. Aim low on the head (jaw or chin) so you have as much room as possible to miss and not his helmet. Probably the biggest thing I would suggest is if you're gonna go, just go, don't wait to see what's going to happen, you won't like the answer.
Oh, and ice in the penalty box is always a good thing......and health insurance!!!

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