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12-07-2005, 08:57 PM
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Back from our 90-minute ball hockey practice. My lower back is very weak now. I will start those planks and side-planks to make them stronger. I now realize that if your lower back hurts, you're not going to do much in the rink. The legs are ok, though. I have always thought that if the legs are ok, then all is ok. But it's not. It's the lower back. If you think otherwise, please tell me.

On the positive side, I think that practice will be beneficial in the sense that the more people practice passes and shots, the better they get. For my part, I play defense, and I have learned a few things like avoiding pinching in the offense zone while leaving the man I am covering behind. If I have nobody to cover, then it's ok for me to pinch in. Also, I let few guys pass by me on the boards. We have another practice next week, and a guy who plays Tiers 2 will train me on what to do.

On the negative side, the goalie did not show up! He did not even call us! I play on two teams, and the goalie on each time played that trick on us within a week! What's wrong with the goalies??!!! How is going to improve if he does not practice? The second thing is the same problem we have experienced every game: Our centerman is not coming back in the defense zone to help out. My partner and I are covering their wingers, but their centerman is completetly alone in the creast. If that happens next practice, I'm going to freeze the ball and ask the centerman why he stayed at 100 feet from the ball. This has to be issued or we are going to keep losing. It looks like the centerman is totally focuses on scoring goals. When the ball goes to the neutral zone, he just stands there, and let the defensemen to the job.

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