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12-17-2011, 01:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
It doesn't hold water for people not believing in it. It holds water for the ones who do. Problem with the "doesn't hold water" fans, is that they are using such phrase like "Would you prefer winning instead" or "take the best man available" or whatever and that to me doesn't hold water. OF COURSE, we wouldn't be going after Jean Perron just for the sake of hearing him talk. OF COURSE, we should take the best man available, but that concept is so vague...who decided to choose who is the best man available? Dale Hunter was coming from Juniors and so could Patrick Roy? Cunneyworth used to coach in the AHL but so did Benoit Groulx. And history shows that franco or real bilingual coaches are also capable of being the best man available for having their own kind of success. From Demers, to Vigneault, to Julie. How about Lemaire or Burns? Last unilingual coach we had? Bob Berry....yeah, best man available alright...great success.

Being a professionnal hockey team is more than just playing the game on the ice. It's how you implicate yourself outside of it as well. Who cares about charities right? Isn't it what kind of game you play on the ice? Yet, do you see the Habs without supporting any charities, or going to hospital and all? And this is a media oriented sport. With a city and a province solely oriented on hockey, nevermind the Alouettes or even the Impact as great the MLS will be.

So knowing all of that, knowing the success the franco/bilingual guys had and knowing that at some point those guys are mostly there because they went through the Habs organization first, well I don't see why we wouldn't continue the trend. But clearly not to the point to choose the worst guy out there. Yet, a guy like Jean-François Houle should be the next Bulldogs coach. And look around in the Juniors and despite speaking french, he surely has as good a resume as a lot of people have.

It's often about who you know instead of what you know. And being known does not necessarily quality as being "the best man available". Unfortunately for the Q people, they don't seem to be that great in human relations.

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