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11-04-2003, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Teezax
I couldn't agree more, not to sound like a homer, but this guy is the real deal and he looks like the #1 DMAN for Philly right now. One thing that strikes out is the fact that he is amazingly calm with the puck even when he is pressured, I've seen him fake out several players already including Sundin and Nolan on the same rush. He has Calder and a hint of Norris written all over him, and he is in his first year. What makes him untouchable is the fact that he is a defenceman, not a forward, therefore less expendable than anyone else. #1 Defensive prospects are like diamonds in the rough, forwards come and go.

I just don't see this trade with Comrie happening for 2 reasons.

1. Lowe would want players we don't want to give up
2. We have our top 3 centers and aren't in real need of another one
i can't dispute your pitkanen points. all very true and i don't think anyone was suggesting that the oilers could land him straight-up for comrie (i included brewer in any pitkanen suggestions).

with regard to having no need for another center:

- how many more years will roenick play? bad knees and age will catch up with him within 2-3 seasons.

- do you expect Primeau to accept his 3rd line role when he becomes a Free Agent after this season? he didn't like it when he was with Detroit and i'd wager he doesn't like it much now... just speculation of course.

my point is that it's not always about "now" (although with clarke it often seems like it is). especially when you can land a 23 year old 30 goal scoring centerman. just food for thought...

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