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12-17-2011, 03:50 PM
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I wear a cage. Prefer the light grey colour or white.
Tried just a visor for a while; went back to the cage after getting 7 stitches in my chin.

Play 'scrub' aka 'pickup' hockey.
Played beer league for many years a few years back.

Never heard of any ridicule (for cages) in the beer leagues or scrub here - in beer league minor tussles will get you minor penalties; full fighting will get your tossed for at least a game.

For those wondering about regional/national tendencies, I'm not really in Eastern Canada or Western - about a 7 hour drive west to Winnipeg and the same east to the Soo.

Here's what I think I remember from both beer league and scrub. More likely to wear a cage if you are a defenceman. If you are older (age 40+), more likely to either a cage or nothing at all; if you are younger visors are more prevalent.

For those playing Junior, most will wear as little as they are allowed; vast majority will go with the visors.

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