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11-04-2003, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by LawnDemon
i can't dispute your pitkanen points. all very true and i don't think anyone was suggesting that the oilers could land him straight-up for comrie (i included brewer in any pitkanen suggestions).

with regard to having no need for another center:

- how many more years will roenick play? bad knees and age will catch up with him within 2-3 seasons.

- do you expect Primeau to accept his 3rd line role when he becomes a Free Agent after this season? he didn't like it when he was with Detroit and i'd wager he doesn't like it much now... just speculation of course.

my point is that it's not always about "now" (although with clarke it often seems like it is). especially when you can land a 23 year old 30 goal scoring centerman. just food for thought...
I agree with you, but I just don't see it happening right now, maybe at the deadline. Primeau is happy with his new checking role and I doubt he wants to leave Philly. If he does, go right ahead, and thanks for the 5 mill we save. I don't think they will resign him at the end of the year but we will need him to get through the season...I think Philly won't make a move until either one of an injury happens (knock on wood) or a big slump. Right now we are the third highest scoring team in the league and aren't really in need of more offensive production. Come the trade deadline, who knows what the Flyers' standpoint will be.

And to argue the center position point you made, we drafted Jeff Carter and Mike Richards in the 1st round last draft and we have high hopes for them. We're counting on them to be our go to guys in the future. They look good so far.

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