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11-04-2003, 09:40 AM
Jon Burke
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Originally Posted by Michalek
hey guys
How about this idea:
To Islanders D Denis Gauthier ( solid #4/5 stay at home D) and RW Chris Clark ( local kid, dependable 4th liner).
To Calgary: D Cairns 9 He would be od man out if Gauthier would come to CGY) and RW Parrish ( isnt he on the bubble in NYY surely could use him)

In this deal CGY would ad soe scoring . They need scoring badly if they want to make PO
Isles would upgrate their solid already D.
Any opinions?

If this one doesnt work how about Parrish for Gauthier straight?
This deal definitely helps the Flames, but it sure doesn't do much for the Isles. Yes, Parrish could be moved. But do the Isles have a gun held to their head to move him? No. So they're not going to take the first offer that comes their way for him. And frankly, they could get a lot more than Gauthier and Clark for him. Both Clark and Gauthier are solid players, don't get me wrong, but Gauthier wouldn't be a top four defenseman on the deep Islanders top four and Clark is a third line mucker who's maximum upside is around a dozen goals, certainly not a rarity in the Isles lineup. My point? Why give up a good goalscorer with some upside and a reasonable salary (at least I think so) just to get two depth players? Yes, depth is important and the Isles could probably use some more, but not at the expense of a player like Parrish.