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12-07-2005, 11:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Hendo2k
so lets spend high money on an aging allstar defenseman who is NOT rustiest but is at the age where he is slowing down. instead of signing another allstar Dman who is much less younger who is performing just as well as the older Lidstrom and will perform much longer down the road

THATS what i dont get.

people think Lidstrom is just rusty.... no he isnt. face the facts guys he's getting old. if you guys want to spend 5mill on him next year thats fine however i will take the younger jovo who will come just as much if not less who will give me what Lidstrom does for more years.

Sorry...I disagree completely with this. Lidstrom is on pace for yet another 60+ point season. He is being criticized a bit on here on a pretty consistent basis for "losing a step" and declining so much, yet he is still in the top 10 in defensive scoring. And he hasnt even come CLOSE to getting on any kind of hot streak. The 19 assists he has is very, very good and once he starts to pot a few more tallies I think people will back off a bit. And he is still as solid as anybody defensively.

That being said...if the Wings want to go after Chara or maybe even Redden, then I can handle it. But again...what is with the Jovo thing? You say he will do the same type of things Lidstrom can? Please...not even close. Ed Jovanovski is not an upgrade over Nicklas Lidstrom. Nick is getting older and makes too much cash. Well...the Wings can take care of one of those problems when they bring him back next year for a much smaller salary. I still can count on 1 hand the guys I would want on the ice instead of Nicklas Lidstrom, and Jovo is not one of them. We should all still feel damn lucky to have him.

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