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12-17-2011, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by orangecrush8 View Post
Thanks for the info! The seating is much different than any other arena than I have been to. I was just looking on another site and they were saying that the rows go AA, BB, CC, DD. So does this mean row DD is the fourth row of the upper level?
Yep. Basically, the highest part of the arena is divided into three sections: White, Grey and Blue. When you come in from the section entrance, you're at the border between the Whites and Greys. If you go down, you're in the Whites and if you go up, you're in the Greys until you reach the Blues which are the nosebleeds.

They made it so that the Whites would be AA, BB, CC, DD, etc. so that people wouldn't be confused when coming in if they have seats in the Greys. It's confusing on paper but once you're in, it's not hard to get.

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