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12-17-2011, 06:35 PM
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I think it's all preference. I am right-handed, but a lefty in hockey. Don't remember ever having it any other way, since the time I had my first stick (probably four years-old or so). I also bat lefty in baseball. Everything else in life, other than hockey and baseball, I am a righty in. I don't know what happened . It certainly has been advantageous in both sports as an American. Where I live, about three quarters of all players are righties in hockey, and I can pair up and pass a bit easier with them.

That said, go with what you're comfortable with. Maybe even try a straight blade if you can find one? I wouldn't sweat it. I have picked up my brother's right-handed stick from time to time and it feels bizarre. Like a whole parallel universe has fallen into my hand. I don't like it one bit. It's like trying to write with the off-hand.

One thing I will say: my stickhandling is vastly superior to my shooting. I have been practicing my shooting a lot lately and it is finally catching up. I just have greater control and dexterity with my top (right) hand when stickhandling, and less power with my left when shooting and elevating the puck. But I just need to practice more and strengthen my arm and wrist.

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