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11-04-2003, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by txpd
Another game, another new set of lines to look for. They do change every night, right? Cassidy even comments that these lines might not last long. What a shock.
Willsie(would rather have Peat?)-Zubrus-Semin
Miller-scratch, Pettinger-concussion

The Peat mention was just response to a post on the Peat thread where its mentioned that Peat deserves a regular shift more than Willsie does.
You know... most people put responses to posts in the same thread as the original post... but whatever. And please, if you're going to paraphrase someone, do it accurately... I said Peat deserves to be DRESSED over Willsie. Willsie is just a Metropolit with another inch or two. Before the last couple games, Willsie, whenever dressed would be on the fourth line, in the place of Peat. I don't think either Willsie or Peat deserves to be on the 2nd, except on a spot shift or two. So don't put words in my mouth. I'd rather see Sutherby or Gordon up on the 2nd line before Willsie.

Now back to the main point of the post I think this could possibly be Cassidy's worst combos yet. But he seems like he's reached the "grasping at straws" point. Bondra hasn't ever shown any chemstry with Jagr and the Semin/Zubrus/Bondra line was showing some promise the other night. Not sure why you'd break it up so quickly... oh wait... I know... because Cassidy is a MORON.

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