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11-04-2003, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Sakich
a trade between these two teams is possible because:

1 Clarke is like Milbury. Anything is possible. I think he is a pretty good gm (except for his gaoltending ineptitude, same as burke)

2 The Flyers have everything except a pure, high end skill guy. The fact is that they didn't have a 30 goal scorer in either of the last two years.

3 it has been widely rumoured that gagne and hitch/clarke are not on the same page. That doesn't make hitch or simon bad, just sometimes coaches don't get allong with a player. A good example is savard in calgary. he was a useless lazy slug in cowtown who flourished after a trade.

4 the flyers can afford to trade a woywitka without decimating their defense. Clarke has done a good job of getting a few very high end talents and can part with a kid or two.

comrie + rita for gagne +woywitka
1) Clarke is nothing like Milbury, he made one bad move in a panic deal after losing his top 2 centers the night before the deadline.

2) The flyers do have a pure, high end skill guy, his name is Simon Gagne. And yes, he did score 30 goals 2 years ago. Also, I highly doubt Comrie would score 30 in Hitch's system.

3)I've never seen anything that said Hitch and Gags weren't on the same page. I have, however, heard Hitch say that Gagne is the best offensive and defensive forward on the team and reminds him a lot of a young Modano.

4) Yes, the flyers can afford to trade Woywitka, in the right deal. However, the deal you proposed was not the right deal, imo. In that deal, the Oilers are getting the better current player and the better prospect, imo.

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