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11-04-2003, 10:44 AM
Joe Malone
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Trade ideas? Hmmm....I don't usually like to dip into these threads. It's too easy to name a player on another team that we like, and present a hypothetical trade for him. Sure, we all want a Bertuzzi, Datsyuk, Marleau, etc......

Trades proposals must be looked at logically. Who is looking to trade? What can we offer? What are our needs? What are the other teams needs? Well, here are the teams that are struggling a bit: (Worst losing records) San Jose, Phoenix, Anaheim, Columbus, Washington, Carolina. Maybe one of them is willing to deal. (Florida and the Pens are losing too, but they're commited to youth also.)

So what are our needs? I'd like a big center, or big winger who can score, or a rugged defenseman. Someone established, but still considered young. Marleau, Leclerc, Chris Gratton, Darryl Sydor, Brendan Witt, Cole, Vasicek to name a few.

I'd love Marleau, but the Sharks would be nuts to move him, plus the cost to get him could be too high. Leclerc? Might be gotten reasonbly, not sure. Chris Gratton? Struggling from what I read, his skating isn't up to Western Conference standards, but might do better in the east. I used to be high on him, not sure what to think now. He's a great faceoff man, (second to Perreault last year), big, tough, and responsible defensively. But 40 points a year maximum, and can be hard to motivate!! Sydor, great PP guy, and has won the cup before, Gainey knows him well........he's a maybe. Witt, another guy I'd love to have. (Everybody in a Caps jersey will be available soon, if their fortunes don't change.) Cole and Vasiceck......hmmmmm....., again, the cost might be too high.

What do we have to offer? Youthful prospects I guess, but Gainey is going with youth. Audette, what value does he have? Audette will have to be part of a package, or dealt for a draft pick, and we pick up part of his salary. Perreault, Rivet, Zednik? No matter what, we'll have to give something, to get something. We'll never dump underachievers alone for quality players. We'll have to give up a prospect or an achieveing player to get quality in return.

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