Thread: Confirmed with Link: Jacques Martin Fired V2.0
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12-18-2011, 12:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Brodie View Post
do you guys think a coach will be hired this season or is it supposed to be Cunneyworth for the rest of the year?
I think the habs don't have any better option available right now so RC till the end of the season. If somone perfect hits the market (e.g Lindy Ruff ) I think they will snatch him up.

Originally Posted by Nashy View Post
Gionta, Markov and Gomez on the shelf....what's that about 18.5 million dollar in salary?

JM was screwed when Gomez decided to regress into crap, and when Gauthier decided to waste 6 million dollars on Markov.

It's a miracle that JM has this team within 2 points of a playoff spot with the injuries and personnel that he's been forced to use.

I didn't care for him as a coach, but you can't say he that he hasn't made this team competitive.

I wish Cunneyworth well, but he certainly has his work cut out for him.
Yes what a waste it is to sign your best dman. What kind of a lynchmob would have been outside the bell had he not signed him and Markov regained form on another team? He made a decision with the available facts. Maybe he lost this gamble who knows. Markov could come back and be dominant and you would skulk away into the shadows wouldn't you?

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