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12-18-2011, 12:20 AM
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Videos show it better than typed words ever will, so . . .

Two videos with lots of good turning and edgework drills in general. There's forward and backwards drills/tips here, both good, but you can focus on just the backwards ones if your forward skating is strong. As with forward skating, it's key to be really strong on all 4 edges to perform good backwards crossovers:

And then two videos that demonstrate backwards crossovers really well, with a few nice drills:

And finally, the simple drill where you just do sort of sideways crossovers in a line, stepping one foot over another (all stepping, no real skating/gliding). This video shows how similar the motion is to backwards crossovers (he calls it "1-2-3 crossovers" here):

This is all focusing on backward crossovers, but going backwards in a straight line is the easy part (it's just c-cuts), it's the crossovers that are tricky.

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