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12-18-2011, 01:29 AM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
gomez hasn't really been bad this season. the goal SCORERS have been atrocious. He (and pleks and DD) can set up guys in perfect positions, but they will fan on the shot, not take a shot, shoot into the chest of the goalie or find some way of screwing it up. .
you obviously don't realize that we have 3 players on pace for 30 goals this year (Kost, MaxPac, Cole)...

last year we had Gionta @ 29 as our leading goal scorer.

i think sometimes people fail to realize that every team in the league, in every game of the season, has at least a few "golden opportunities" that don't get put in the net.

if anything, it's that we are losing that amplifies the perception that we can't convert.

we have 6 players with 20+ shots who are shooting @ 10% or better

Bruins- 6
Flyers- 8
Wild- 7
SJ- 6
Detroit- 9
Ottawa (who is top-5 in league for GF) - 7

or looking at it another way...

we're 18th in the league in shots/game, and 20th in the league in goals/game.

while not ideal, that's not reflective of a team that is particularly struggling with converting chances i would think.

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