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11-04-2003, 10:56 AM
Green Mile
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Originally Posted by mrs9x
A rule change allowing goalies who wander from the crease to be allowed to get checked or hit just like any other player. I'm sick and tired of this "protect the goalie" mentality in the NHL. If the goalie is going to wander from the crease, then he should become an eligible player to hit or check just like anyone else, especially if he has the puck. Of course, goalie interference would still be available for when the goalie is in the crease, but once he leaves it, he should be fair game.
While I do agree, I think it would cause more problems for the refs, as in they'd have to make more decisions. How many seconds go by after they pass the puck can they be hit for? Guys with blinding speed and big bodies would be sent in as goalie killers to just level 'em. While it would be exciting and I'd like to see it, I think his rule would make it more simple.

Still, I think the rink needs to be widened or even made longer, and, I dunno... goalie equipment still just looks too big.

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