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11-04-2003, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Diesel
Ok this thread is WAY too large for me to read every post. But, as a Flyers fan from the Philadelphia area who watches every single game and who reads local articles on a daily basis, let me just inform as to the availability of most of the players who i've seen thrown around this thread in rumors. .... ZERO PERCENT!!

First of all, Pitkanen... are you guys nuts? Clarke is not this trade-happy fool that the media (everywhere but philly) makes him out to be. The Flyers DO have a budget, even if it is a fairly large one. That aside, Clarke would not trade Joni Pitkanen for the entire Edmonton Oilers team right now. That isn't meant as an insult to your hockey club, simply a statement about Pitkanen's potential. Although he makes a rookie mistake now and then, he is ALREADY our best defenseman- at least when it comes to puckhandling and powerplay quarterback ability. Young stud d-men are like a precious gem in this league: you don't trade them- PERIOD! ...Not if you're smart anyway. Eric Brewer, while very, very good, is not on the same level as the type of player that the Flyers expect Pitkanen to be. Hockey experts around the country are lauding this guy as a larger, physical Nik Lidstrom. He's not going anywhere for a very long time if ever.

Justin Williams... Hitchcock has said, repeatedly, that Justin Williams has been our BEST forward thus far this season. There is no way he gets traded this year especially if he continues this level of play. I'd bet money on it.

Gagne... there may come a time in the future when, if it appears that Gagne will never regain form, that the Flyers might part with him. Unfortunately, if that day ever comes, you probably won't want him nearly as much as you do right now. The earliest that this guy gets traded would be the trade deadline, but i still doubt it. He still has time to turn it around and i think he will.

Woywitka... similar to what i said about Pitkanen regarding stud dman potential, but to a much lesser degree. They are just too high on him and the team is playing well right now so why give up prospects for a player that we just don't need?

Handzus... leads the team in goals right now. His line has been our BEST line thus far this season. Why would the Flyers mess with that? The answer is: they won't.

Can we please end this ridiculous thread?

You have some very valid points....however this rumor was published by a very reliable source. Are you suggesting that JM made it up? The people on this board are speculating for the fun of it. Please do not take it personally. Also, I think you have not seen a enough of Mike Comrie playing. He is a very gifted hockey player that unfortunately doesn't seem to want to play for Edmonton anymore. True talent is also a gem in this league. Gagne for Comrie is not that farfetched. Gagne for Comrie = Talent for Talent....IMO.

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