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12-18-2011, 07:49 AM
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[QUOTE=habsjunkie2;41135537]Rebuilding doesn't have to involve tanking or losing on purpose. Gionta, Cammy still carry 1st rd pick + value to a desperate club, gomez will bring nothing of significance, minors or compliance buyout is the only option with him, otherwise you'll only get another poor contract. Gill has late rd pick value, hopefully Kaberle will increase his value to 1st rd pickish value as well. I doubt it, but who knows.

Three or 4 1st rd picks would go a long way to recovery. Only problem here is Gorges, does he stay for a rebuild? I can't see why not, I don't think losing all those guys does anything to hurt our position in the standings. We'd likely be exactly where we are without all them garbage contracts. Afterall, none of them are doing anything positive anyways. I think Cammy is done here, he's looked brutal since being signed imo, other than the odd 15-20 game stretch where he'll catch fire, he'll succeed on a roster who can insulate him with some size, but not here, stick a fork in him.

We have thrown about 30million of annual salary down the *******. You will never win when have your cash being used on crap, thank god we got some young players on ELC that are carrying the load, or else we'd be completely screwed. It's alright to have the odd overpriced contact, but you can't be approaching half your cap space being basically worthless, 7.3m Gomez, 5.75m Markov, 6m Cammy, Gill 2.75?, Gionta 5, about 25 million in passengers and spare parts, if you add kabs to that, we're at around 30m. Absolutely disastrous.

When PJ Stock, brought it up last night, I know he's a blow hard, bla bla bla. I think it might actually be the posters on here biased towards him than the other way around, but, having said that, he was right, our management has way, way, way too much cash tied up in nothing, it's gross tbh.[/QUO

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