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12-18-2011, 11:00 AM
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f you really want laughs, consider that Philly traded both Richards and Carter and are sitting atop the eastern conference standing now while LA and Columbus are 11th and 15th in the west.

Who's really laughing?
Who's really laughing? The Boston Bruins. Who in 2010 when they choked giving uip a 3-0 lead in the playoffs didn't panic and gut their team. Last year they won the Cup that this year are the best team in the East.
Having seen eveyr Flyers game, this team is good offensivly but not defensviley. They're giving up 3 goals per game and have been weak againt top competitoin ,esp their 10 million goalie who has yet to put together a series of strong 60 min games. \
THis is why the Bruins have all of what it takes, offense, defense and goaltending:

Flyers 110 goals for, 91 goals against
Bruins 108 goals for , 61 goals against

Even with a healthy pronger, the flyers were not strong enough to go deep this year, too much youth not enough expericence . They have no shutdown center, something that got both the Bruins and Canucks to the finals. Giving up Richards (ranked 1st in the Eastern conference since 2007 by stats kept at Hockey Prospectus and The Copper and Blue, as a shutdwn center; 4th overall every year behind Datsuyuk, Kessler and Zetterberg) will hurt them until they either trade for similiar or wait for Sean Couturier to develop . Without Bergeron, the Bruins don't get to the Finals and where woild he Canucks have been without Kessler or Mahotra.
Coutuier is the best shutdown guy they have for now and a very good one, exceptional for 19 year old, but that's too much pressure for a rookie, going against the best in the league. Give him 2 uyears and 25 pounds on his 6 '4 frame and he'l be killer.

The Cup is won in June, not Dec , Jan or Feb. The Flyers can will probably end uip 3rd in their division and 6th or 7th in the conf. and out in the first round . Bryz has shown so far he is not the guy they thought he was and doesn't play well under pressure. He doesn't give you the sense of security nursing a 1 or 2 goal lead that Thomas or Lunquist give you. He's not consistent. He's never been anywhere close to what Phila is during the playoffs, it's a pressure cooker.
Bobrovsky is very good goalie, and the Flyers could have gotten a vet in for a year or two until Bob developed more. They chose not to...and Bryz has yet to show why he's worth 10 mill this year.

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