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12-18-2011, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by RBarRegular View Post
Oh, and a beatdown tonight leads to the axe finally falling tomorrow on either Arneil or Howson or both. Yes, I've thought this before but I've just got a feeling.
I hope you're right - it would be worth taking a beatdown to move this team forward...

Personally I don't think this happens yet no matter what. I wish I knew one thing - was Priest/McConnell or Howson more instrumental in bringing in Craig Patrick.

If it was Preist/MACjr bringing in Patrick, I think Patrick takes a few weeks/month to review the organization, then we will see Howsie Wowsie and Arnie get the axe - Patrick takes over as interim GM, Richards as interim coach - replacements are considered and found (maybe not until the offseason for one/both positions).

However if Howsie was really the guy behind bringing in Patrick (his idea/his insisting) I think it will just be the same BS for the forseeable future. Personally I can't imagine this is/was the case - Howson has apparently had approval and the resources/$ to hire a senior adviser for some time and hasn't done it, and if I was him in his position just trying desperately to save my a$$, the last thing I would want is a former experienced NHL GM hanging around - would make it that much easier to axe me.

I predict the axe falls some time in January

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