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11-04-2003, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Toonces
Got ya, Carolina of course.

They dont need to fold, just move back to Hartford
After someone takes care of Peter Karmanos, that worthless lying b*st*rd of an owner. That the Canes even think about wearing the old Hartford jerseys is an insult to anyone who ever had any sympathy for the Whalers. Peter Karmanos is a disgrace.

Then, when Karmanos is no longer involved, the Whale can come back, and Brass Bonanza can be heard in all its glory again! WOO-HOO!!!

Gee, can you tell I grew up in CT, with friends that were all Whalers' fans?

[Edit: Oh, and teezax, the way you should've written that line was "Team you'd like to see contracted". Then there would've been no confusion.]

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