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12-18-2011, 01:38 PM
E Nixson
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What is it with hot head beer leaguers and parking lots

I have had a similar experience as the OP when I was 18. I wasn't very good at this time, but neither were most of the guys I played with. I was the most inexperienced on the team, and the youngest by far. I played defense for our team, and every time I made a mistake I heard about it from our second best player. Every time. His criticism was never constructive. One time, I made a bad play that impacted a game that we ended up losing. The guy was being such a dick in the parking lot. it almost turned me off to playing all together. "Nice play Bobby Orr" etc.

Thankfully the only guy on our team that was head and shoulder better than the perpetrator overheard and came over. I wont forget the service he did for me. He looked the guy in the eye and said "shut the **** up and keep your temper in check or don't bother showing up to the rink"

The next game I had the best game of my career to that point. Scored 2 goals off slapshots from the point (both weak goals from a goalie standpoint, but I'll take it anyday ) The guy who gave me a hard time eased up, and surprise, I played better without him harking over my every mistake. I owe a lot to the guy that had my back that day... Or I probably wouldn't be playing today a decade later.

OP, I understand that my situation won't help you remedy yours, but the point of my post is for the rest of the people reading this thread. When you see a beginner getting into it with a parking lot tough guy, or just a ****** teammate in general, stand up for him. It really means a lot.

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