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11-04-2003, 12:20 PM
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Gainey put himself in the Audette situation all by himself, let's not forget that. He's the guy that signed Audette.

While sitting out one game (Hossa) doesn't appear to be very dramatic, the trend so far this season has been extremely disconcerting. Let's recap:

- Plekanec sent down despite showing enough in camp to stick. Reason given was the numbers game, this despite the fact Koivu and the immortal Chad Kilger were injured at the time. Dwyer also sent down to accomodate Langdon and Begin, neither of whom were ready to begin the season either!

- Hainsey scores a goal in Game 1, the team has a winning record in games he's dressed yet continues to be platooned with Bouillon, who's basically happy to be in the NHL and is a decent reserve defenseman at best. Meanwhile, Craig Rivet is on the first power-play unit, which completely boggles the mind!

- Komisarek was told he didn't have a great camp but made the team anyways. He sat out the first few games and then was sent packing to Hamilton. Meanwhile, the Habs boast the aging Quintal, the vastly overpaid Brisebois and vastly overrated Rivet as its right-handed defensemen.

- Higgins makes the team because of a few injuries up front, sits most of the time, dresses once on the fourth line and his line looks very good all night, so naturally he gets sent down shortly thereafter.

- Sundstrom is the only veteran that has sat out a few games, and now he's taken over for Hossa (albeit for only one game, so they say). What happens if the team goes crazy tonight, will Hossa sit for 3 weeks???

So far, everything that the organization has done this season has been in complete contrast to what we were led to believe would happen in 2003-04. "Place aux jeunes", "Youth movement", "Rebuilding", "Retooling"...these concepts are completely foreign to the Canadiens organization. There are still too many people that refuse to believe that you have to strip down and start over sometimes in order to get to where you want to be: Annual contention for the Stanley Cup.

Pittsburgh, Quebec (Colorado), Ottawa, Tampa Bay, Boston, now Atlanta, soon to be followed by Florida, maybe Carolina and Pittsburgh once again...all these teams hit rock-bottom at least once and rebuilt themselves into perennial playoff contenders (or are headed there).

I wonder if Gainey/Habs management actually thinks they are closer to Cup contention than teams like Atlanta or Florida...cuz if they do think that they are 100 per-cent wrong.

end of rant.

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