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11-04-2003, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by s7ark
WOW!!! I knew the flyers were a pretty good team, but to have a 4th line guy who can score 30 goals and 60 points. That truely is impressive. Should we just have over the cup now? Man if your 4th line guys are putting up those kind of points you must have the greatest offensive juggernaut the league has ever seen. Kudos to you!

Your top line player must be on pace for 150 points each! Oh wait, how many goals did you guys score again last year?

hmmmm, quite the improvement....

Seriously, I think it could be a brilliant strategy by Clarke. You see, nobody on the Flyers scored 30 goals last year, so none of the other teams would expect big-time offense from them. Clarke could trade for Comrie, and then "hide him" on the 4th line, where he will sneak off the bench and score really, really quickly - then he could rush back and hide behind the trainer or something, with the other team being none the wiser. The problem is, I don't know if Comrie is good enough to beat out Claude Lapointe for that coveted 4th line center spot. Didn't Lapointe have like 16 points or something last year?

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