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12-18-2011, 04:43 PM
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Originally Posted by MadDog91730 View Post
Awesome! Sounds like a great cause.
It is until you stand in the cold for 3 hours to be told you weren't getting anything signed. (We got there at 9:30).

Not run well at all. I've been to tons of these kinds of things. It's very simple, count how many people got signatures in the first half hour, divide that by total time the guy is there and voila, that's your headcount. So you go out on the line, count up to that number and cut it off.

They offered us two things, either tell them we wanted a signed picture and they would contact us to come back to the dealership to pick it up at a later date, or they would make us "VIPs" and let us cut the line when he goes to their Old Bridge dealership in January. I personally went for that since it's closer and I have specific things I'd like signed.

Bottom line is.. if you know you aren't getting to everyone, cut it off earlier and give the same "options" and people will be better about it... most of the people in line were upset and even though it's not his fault, Zach ends up looking like a heel to some people as a result. He told them when he could sign until (the team had a function he had to be at this afternoon). I don't blame him in the least, unfortunately others in line weren't as nice about it.

So, long story short, if you plan to go there for a signing in the future, get their super early and keep tabs on the line so you don't waste time.

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