Thread: News Article: Can the Flyers afford Matt Carle?
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12-18-2011, 05:05 PM
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Originally Posted by bauer View Post
you can't sign him then trade him. no one will ever want to come to Philly if the organization keeps signing players to long term deals only to trade them right after.

that's fine for Jagr, but what about Voracek? where's the money gonna come to resign him? the team is already in trouble because Homer signed Coburn to that ridiculous contract. i like Coby, but he ain't worth 4.5M/year. so if you resign Carle, he's gonna want at least the same as Coby. so you've got an increase of at least 2.4M for next year and the team's already right against the cap now. so say bye to Jagr and Voracek, the offense would become much weaker without those two. Pronger is an unknown, for all we know he can be 100% ready for the start of next year. which is why you don't rush to resign Carle.
They aren't losing RFA Voracek. That's ridiculous.

Coburn's contract is roughly market value. Defensemen are expensive.

Other than that, you have to go over the numbers in detail and know what next year's cap is to discuss it and even then, it is more of an offseason thread. Obviously the 40 y/o Jagr is first to go if need be and they need another defensemen or two if Pronger and Carle are gone. I'm not going to get too worried about it now other than to predict they at least try to extend Carle and take it from there as their strategy to address their defensive problems. If Carle wants the 5+/yr he can probably get on the open market then they may go another direction but personally I think Carle is showing right now just how hard he is to replace.

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