Thread: Confirmed with Link: Turris traded to Ottawa (confirmed)
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12-18-2011, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by PHX FireBirds18 View Post
I have a foggy memory of what Tverdosky used to play like, but I remember him being pretty quick and scrambled a lot. I think Rundbland is more of the silkier ilk. For right handed shooters think Doughty, Green, maybe Zubov. Obviously those are all really good players, just talking style.
Not a chance because those guys are all much more dynamic than Rundblad. I'm having trouble finding comparatives with Runblad. I see a poor's man Gonchar out there, not as smooth skating and obviously not the same powerful shot Gonchar used to have. Right now his comparative would be a skilled Alexandre Picard but he has time to grow as he is just a rookie. His offensive upside might be Marc-Andre Bergeron (not in style), hopefully he can be more polished defensively. And his top-end might be like Tomas Kaberle like someone else said. Im not sure he can pull off numbers like Kaberle did though, it remains to be seen.

I was a huge Rundblad fan (and still am) but my knock on him (outside of his defensive play that needs A LOT of work) is that he wasn't dynamic enough. He seems to do things in slow motion and with the quality of competition out there, they figured out his style very quickly. The difference with the SEL was the additional fraction of second he had to make plays. Now he needs to adjust and basically simplify his game a lot. No choice, he isn't the only skilled player in the NHL.

All that being said, Rundblad is an unique player and has some magic hands. His future is an unknown and I guess the Sens weren't ready to gamble with it and decided to trade him while his value was high. Turris is a young skilled forward with a release, something the Sens don't have an abundance of if they want to score from range. Sens brass are apparently very high on him, hopefully they make a good player out of Turris because it sure feels weird to lose Blade Runner (I nicknamed him like that)

Originally Posted by Kaizen View Post
January 24th the Senators come to town.

It will be interesting to see if the anybody takes a run at Turris.
With Neil, Carkner, Konopka, Smith, Cowen, Winchester and Foligno in the line-up I suggest them not to.

Originally Posted by Volt View Post
As a Sens fan I gotta say you guys definitely won this trade and I hope (also believe) that DR7 will be a force for you guys in 2-3 years. I will continue to follow his career and root for him (as well your teams future D looks godly).
Statements like that are a bit stupid/foolish IMO, no one has a crystal ball. No trade has ever been won on day 1 and most of the time, both teams end up "winning" or "losing" at the end of the day. Only on HF that "win" thing is as important, but it's not the real world, just a virtual forum where hockey fans share their opinions. In the real world, teams exchange their problems (Phoenix -Turris) and try to fill needs (Ottawa - 2nd Line Center)

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