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12-08-2005, 05:40 PM
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Originally Posted by 8snake
I watch the B's play a lot on Center Ice and I'd have to say Zhamnov isnt CLOSE to the player us Wing fans have watched and admired in Chicago. I know he's coming off major injury and rehab, but he looks waaaayyy past done. Glove, if you would have come over here with that proposal a couple years ago when Raycroft looked like a young stud and Zhamnov was still considered a top center I'd jump all over that trade in a minute. But Razor has been extremely inconsistent to go along with Zhamnov's unimpressive play. So I'd pass on that particular trade proposal.
Well. Zhams is a salary dump. Ii seems like the wings would be a nice fit for Zhams, and a place he could contribute when healthy and ready to go. Razor for Holmstrom, Rivers, and Lang (to even contribute to evening the money) is hardly even, so Zhams is part of the something you'd have to give. As for Razor's play, nothing has been his fault, we just want to go with Hannu and Razor has value. When you have the likes of Tanabe and Gill guarding down low...Well...There's not much you can do as a goalie. Shot from the point...Either a save with the occational rebound, or a defletion down low, and they shove it in the open side...Horrible front of the net coverage...Not much Razor can do. In Det...He'd be fine. Don't know...Think you could work with the Calder winner from our last season of play. I was mainly interested in seeing if DET was interested in finding "that goalie," or if they were satisfied going with Ozzy and Manny for a few years.

It's all fantasy land, but Zhams, Raycroft, and Murray


Lang, Holmstrom, ?, and maybe Ozzy or something for money concerns...Trying to get the money and players workable...Gotta go do some research on contracts...

But like I said, any proposal is just for ****es and giggles...Like we're GMs or something!

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