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11-04-2003, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by oilers_guy_eddie
I wonder what San Jose would be offering? As with the Kings, it would have to be something significant to make trading Comrie in-conference worthwhile.

I've had the feeling that the Sharks wouldn't part with Marleau, but given his slow start, the Sharks overall problems, and their move towards a rebuilding mode (aren't they? they ought to be...) maybe Marleau is a possibility.

Marleau is actually only a year older than Comrie, so it's not that they need to move *him* for younger talent... but they do need to bring younger talent into their organization. Given the Oilers abundance of young forwards, maybe something could be done.

How about something along the lines of

Comrie + Rita + one of Horcoff, Chimera, Isbister


Marleau + one of Toskala or Kiprusoff
This is a solid deal (assuming the "one of" was Shizzbister) but it would leave us with a logjam in nets - given that there is probably no market for Salo right now, we'd be one of those teams stuck with three NHL-level goalies. I like the deal, but without the goalies...maybe one of those yummy Sharks d-men? Hannan perhaps?



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