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12-18-2011, 07:39 PM
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Originally Posted by turkinaa View Post
I've been watching Dexter for several years and I have found this season to be too predictable. I suggest reading the Dexter books though. They are very good (on book 6 now).
It really is not that great of a season. Some people were so shocked about Gellar, when myself and others I know guessed that in week 3/4. Colin hanks is ok, but it's close to over-acting. I hate how easy it is for Dexter now, there is no real threat to being a serial killer atm. He's just getting tracked down and in trouble by other murderers. I miss Doakes and Lundy being suspicious, Deb loving Dex is a yawn every time I see it, and I just do not give a **** about Quinn. every time he is on camera lately I might as well mute the tv.

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