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12-18-2011, 08:17 PM
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Originally Posted by SirKillalot View Post
Of course they played to win. But. They would rather risk a loss in a "meaningless" game than injuries. That's sport. If Barcelona wins 6-1 in their first game in a semifinal in the Champions League, it isn't that big of deal if they lose the second 2-0. Even though they will try to win, they rather not give up cards or injuries. It's logic.
Champions League and Olympic hockey are not comparable, though. Football WC and Olympic hockey, however, are a better comparison. Still, I see where you're going with that, and I don't necessarily disagree with you. However, losing on purpose or not, their display was very poor in that game and it was evident that they were not giving even 50%, let alone 100% in that game. And that, to me, is similar to throwing a game. It's not only shameful, it's very unfair towards the fans, like us lot. Like you and me, for example. And it's very disrespectful towards the opponent as well, when they try hard to win the game and then see that their opposition is basically mocking you.

To see Forsberg coming out like that and basically telling that to the face of the fans is disheartening. I'm not naive, far from it, but I would still like to believe that ice hockey, in essence, would ultimately be about competing as a team, to see which team is better. Not about politics, trickery and fraud.

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