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12-08-2005, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Beauty, eh?
If they don't work on their special teams and get their ***** in gear then yeah, I don't think they'll make the playoffs.
I don't know about "hip to be pessimistic" but I have followed this team for long enough to know that it doesn't have the necessary magic to compete for the grand prize. I think it's a pretty decent team, but to ask two rookie (essentially) goaltenders to shoulder a load come playoff time is absurd. To ask a team that can't figure out how to set up a power play (much less score on one, or not give up a crucial shorthanded goal on one) to go deep into the playoffs is equally absurd.

This team has as good a chance of not making the playoffs as it does of making them. And, of course, once they get there, they have to play even better. I don't see them getting much past the first round, but if that's being pessimistic, I guess I'm a hip kinda guy.

Calgary just passed Vancouver... Buffalo is currently the league's hottest team (I know, not our conference)... San Jose is going to be stronger than they showed in the early part of the season... Like it or not, Anaheim could get healthy quick, and don't dismiss the play of teams like Edmonton, or Colorado... Nashville was BUILT for the new NHL, and they have perhaps the best goaltender in the game... To say the Kings are a shoo-in for the playoffs is myopic in nature, and prematurely optimistic by all reasonable shadow of a doubt.

Interesting to see how this will unfold, but I couldn't begin to predict the results.

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