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12-18-2011, 10:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Johnny Hotrox View Post
This is the garbage that makes Avery-bashers lose all credibility. EC should play behind MZA and a host of other prospects.

The fact that Torts has a 28-year-old stiff stifling the development of legit NHL players is disgusting to watch.
18-8-4, best start to a season in close to 20 years, yet "disgusting to watch." You need to get a God damn grip before you say stupid stuff like this.

The only thing thats disgusting is watching people continue to complain about inconsiquential things like Christensen, Avery, MZA or any of the "host of other prospects" that you deliriously think are ready.

And Ill say it again, Im not an Avery hater/basher/whatever, but I do think its really sad that the conversation on these boards always seem to devolve back towards him instead of the 18-20 guys that are making this team the success that its becoming.

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