Thread: News Article: Cunneyworth's plans for the habs
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12-18-2011, 11:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
what we'll have to see is what happens to his ice time when the team is relatively healthy.

With Gomez/Gionta out, that he was getting more ice time under Martin doesn't say much, since even Martin would have a hard time justifying Eller playing so little with only guys like Blunden/Nokelainen/Darche as the alternatives.

I'm hoping that Cunneyworth is able to better recognize Eller's capacity to help the team in a consistent 17+min/game, even with a fully healthy lineup, as opposed to the 14-15min he was generally limited to under Martin unless injuries forced his hand.

The Boucher stats show Eller as basically equivalent to Gomez in terms of statistical effectiveness, given Eller's long-term value to the team, it would just make sense to keep him at his natural centre position, and move Gomez to the wings when he returns (or put him in a 4th line centre role?)

remains to be seen if Cunneyworth has the makeup to go that route... Martin clearly didn't.

perhaps Eller feeling that explains his noticeable happiness at the coaching change...
I like Eller, don't get me wrong. All I'm saying is that the premise of the article is false.

The extra 2 seconds made him smile in jubilation? After blowing a 3rd period lead again and being on the ice for 3 goals? I sure hope he wasn't grinning after that. And I suspect that given the "quality" of the report he may have grinned and the person who wrote this assumed a bunch of things without looking them up.

It's making **** up to justify an argument. Plain and simple.

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