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12-18-2011, 10:44 PM
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Its sad to hear since I was once a Blues fan many years ago before I went 'native' after moving to Nashville as the friends I grew up with from StL refer to it. The truth is about the Blues fans, is that they have always been a sort of blue-collar, union brewery-worker/Teamster/Roughneck kind of thing in St. Louis where up till when Brett Hull emerged, $25 got you seats on the glass. The old days had more fights in the stands between visiting Hawks/Wings/Stars fans and Blues fans than on the ice and was not really considered 'family entertainment'. Basically if you had the gumption to set foot in the enemy building w/ your sweater on, you'd should be ready for all comers. The first game I went to there was in the 80's at the old Arena/Checkerdome and the visiting team came in from behind the goal under a plywood box that Blues fans would pound on and scream at the opposition as they entered and left the ice. Although the prices went up and the clientele have changed a bit, the mentality really hasn't changed for the hard-core fans. I've had a couple of Blues and Hawks fans sit by me in 304 that I really wanted to push down the steps; but I found a way to deal with it and dish it back to them where they'd laugh and shake my hand in the end. We just can't let ourselves be intimidated; but when little kids get harassed really would have set me off.

I know at LP Field they have a way to text in reports about unruly fans, is there a way they could do that at the Bridge? I know I can handle myself; but if I have my kids w/ me, I really don't want them involved in an altercation...

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