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12-18-2011, 11:16 PM
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Chip: If you don't like my comment, you're welcome to debate it. Saying that you'd like "More Avery. Less Callagraves" isn't constructive. It's being a dick. Have I ever been a dick to you?

Ruckus: You're right in that his "antics" have been mostly non-existent in recent years. I've been watching the Rangers for a fair while, and I've never been a fan of his on ice product. When I speak to my respect for him as a person, i'm looking to differentiate myself from those who ignorantly hate a player because they're not very good.

My tag is presently better without avery only because since he's been sat in favor of EC, I've been arguing so often that we are, actually, a better team without Avery, despite what a single inconclusive incidental statistic MIGHT imply.

As I mentioned, I've been on the board for a little over a year I imagine, and while i've never been a fan of Sean's, he has, in the past, served a role on the team. I think that time is past.

But please, please, don't blame me for hypocrites who happen to have the same stance as me. Their failure to abide by logic and reason does not invalidate my argument.

I hadn't even realized I quoted Torts when i said we have better players.

Ruckus, we argue, but we tend to do it well. Still, don't call me Johnny Cakes.

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