Thread: News Article: Cunneyworth's plans for the habs
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12-19-2011, 12:30 AM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
It really is very simple. Eller and Darche are linemates. If Eller gets lots of icetime, then Darche will automatically get lots of icetime. It's the same when Martin or Cunneyworth is the coach.

The fracas over Darche's icetime was ridiculous. It stunk of another reason to take a dig at Martin, and the fact that Cunneyworth was not panned for the exact same thing tends to confirm that.

It all happens because the media almost universally refuse to even mention the Habs' injury situation. That situation has made Darche the #9 forward, and that's counting Leblanc ahead of him. Like it or not, that will net him significant icetime.
Nobody complained about Darche's icetime under Martin except for people in this forum. Why? Because in reality he got very little icetime. It's just a myth people pulled out of their *****. It's really that simple. And even if it were true who the hell cares. It's scrutinizing and knit-picking for the sake of it.

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