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Originally Posted by Pick Six View Post
I'd be very embarrassed if either Canada or the Leafs (insert obvious joke here) did something like that. It cheapens the tournament immensely.
Me? I wouldnt give a flying rat's *** so long as my team wins the Gold/Cup/Championship.

In 2009, the Wings played the Hawks in the WCFs. Wings are up 3-1 in the series. If they win Game 5, which iirc was on a Thursday, Game 1 of the SCFs would start on Saturday. If they lost, the schedule would have changed to allot time for both game 6 and 7. Game 1 of the SCFs wouldnt have started until 7 days later.

7 days for a beat up, older team that just had its captain lose a testicle (or whatever), Cleary a bum shoulder, etc, etc.

4 days of rest instead of 1 day of rest. If the Wings lose Game5, beat the Hawks in 6 (Chicago was not ready at the time), I feel they would have won the Cup back to back.

Instead, they beat the Hawks, go up 2-0 on the Pens and fall apart from injuries.

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