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12-18-2011, 11:47 PM
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Originally Posted by chip chipperson View Post
well hater, what does last year have to do with the point i was making. avery has triple dubinsky's goals right now in far less games. yes or no?
Dubinsky also has 12 times the assists that Avery does. 4 times the amount of points and another. He also kills penalties. Avery doesn't.

Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
I'm pretty sure you were one of them! I don't mean like personally attacking, like people do with EC, but people have been starting to pull the "yeah he's starting to slow down, he's doing x when he used to do y, etc" card.

I'd rather Avery be getting the minutes over EC- but i'd rather neither of them were on the roster and the Avery cheering squad has become progressively more annoying as i've been on this forum longer, which is why I always find myself dragged into these threads.
I'm not a big Mitchell fan, but I'm fine with him in the current roster situation as I've said. He's nothing special, but he's fine as an injury fill-in or a fourth liner. Like Avery. But I'd say Avery is superior.

I don't see why Avery doesn't belong on the roster, he's a pretty damn solid bottom-6 player that can fill in on the top-6 competently in the case of a slump and/or injury, so long he isn't planted there.


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