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12-19-2011, 01:34 AM
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Originally Posted by chappie View Post
lol okay, time to take this one to task.

Being a good PKer doesn't mean you are defensively solid and reliable in game. Part of the reason Dubi was dropped earlier in the season was that he was getting beat on both sides of the ice.

In what way is Anisimov soft? It's cute to just say things like that, but you really have to quantify statements with some sort of basis for that opinion; otherwise it sounds sort of... ridiculous.

If we are talking needs: I trade Dubinsky in a heartbeat. We already have Callahan, we don't need another grinding scorer (not at 4.2 mil and not in our top 6), and it's extremely disturbing that a year removed from having a career season, he never took any steps to improve any facet of his game. He came to camp out of shape (and let's make sure we are clear here: not fat, but extremely top heavy/bulky, looking like Mark McGwire), his skating and puck handling abilities have literally deteriorated from average, to well below average, and he doesn't have the hockey sense to compensate for any of that. His entire game was based on the low end cycle, getting deep in the forecheck and out-working his opponent to the puck, and getting it on net. He's doing none of it, and instead Callahan has stepped in and done that plus more, and is consistently doing it better. This has officially made Dubinsky expendable.

Now, not taking into account this season for Dubi, I'd still take Anisimov over him, because I always value skill players higher, especially ones with high point potential, and Anisimov has this. To top it off, his game isn't one dimensional offensively, and he has worked on his flaws and gotten better each year (especially skating).
Great post.

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