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Eh, the problem is that at the NHL level, and especially in this day of shot blocking, if your slapshot isn't absolutely elite, then you're not going to consistently score from the blueline with it. Del Zotto's is good, but not elite, and yeah he misses the net with it a lot. His wrist shot is pretty good but you don't see it as often and it's not Mike Green status either

So, he's not a great shooting defenseman, but when he's on his game he's good at being opportunistic and jumping into the play at the right time, like in St Louis

e: I think the thing about Del Zotto that people overlook is that he's always a hard worker on the ice. Yeah he wasn't very good defensively but it wasn't because he didn't want to try and wasn't putting in the work, or was always just looking to transition to offense, he just didn't know how to play defense effectively, but he was always out there working hard.

He battles, he throws hits, he's physical along the boards, and this year he's getting the defensive positioning and stuff down better. He wants to get better and has the drive to do so, whereas I think the stereotype of offensive defenseman is that they're floaty in the defensive zone and don't put in the effort to learn the defensive side of things better.

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Oh man, this is beautiful, when the guy is having a better season than most d-men drafted in front of him that year, including Zach Bogo.
I doubt Del Zotto is going to get any real recognition for a long time, if he continues to get better. The "big names" of that draft are always going to garner praise as "franchise players!" regardless of what they or Del Zotto do. I think it's too early still to see who's the best out of that class but still

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