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12-19-2011, 10:37 AM
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No, as Sports is a results oriented business and end results are all that matters.

So simply giving Wilson an extension doesn't warrant discipline, only if the end result is failure as in non playoff season.

Every GM has one free get out of jail/firing card, and that is his coach, where every GM is often given the right to select his own. Wilson was inherited and came with the job... A Wilson firing still standing as a job preservation option for BB at present as things sit now... However if Burke has chosen to hitch himself to Wilson's wagon through a contract extension, then he too should be judged by the same brush on the team results, and forfeit that previous job security benefit in the process.

A Wilson contract extension increases the pressure to succeed on the GM as well, as its to his own peril at which that decision comes.

Bell/Rogers new ownership may indeed take out both if they feel its warranted. New ownership much like new GMs also have a right to bring in their own choices in management, and are not limited to what/whom they have inherited.

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