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12-19-2011, 11:52 AM
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My car (blue) and my friends. I wont even say what it is, everyone should know... Or not. Shame in terms of the 'super street Japanese cars' of the 90s, the 300zx has sort of faded (insert usual turbo lag joke here). Can find nice TT's with approx 100k on them for around 5,000. Doing that for a 3000GT VR4, Supra, RX7 and such would just be nonsense. Yet in my opinion the 300zx has one of the most beautiful designs. The headlights and lines just flow. Crazy it was released in 89, years before the other competitors even thought of designing a car like it.

(if you cant watch short story - Z is faster than them all... Though I don't believe it has that big of an advantage as they say.)

Right now I'm about to finished with school and getting a 'real' job so I think the ZX might be time to leave. Bought it, it had 50K on the engine, got it for 8k. Right now has about 200K on it. Never had a major problem. Shame to see it go, but I think time is rearing its ugly head.

Been looking at an 850R thats for sale around here. But I HATE 4 doors. I'm weird, i need 2 doors, haha. I looked at a C70, but just too bland. Whats with cars these days... Haha. Probably be test driving a Genesis Coupe an the coming weeks though just to get a feel.

Oh and my dream car -

"Cheap" and god damn amazing. Not the usual Testarossa, oh no. The TR 512M.

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