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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
And I pointed out that while it is more likely a top pick will be a leading scorer, it's not unheard of like you see med to imply.

As for the free agents, no, it's not totally DL's fault. But I'm not letting him off the hook either. Gaborik for example. It's been stated if DL would have matched the offer NYR gave, he'd have come to LA. That's been quoted on these boards before someplace. DL elected not to (the issue was the number of years IIRC. DL offered four, Gabby wanted five). Personally, I'm not saying I would have or wouldn't have signed those contracts either if I was DL, but I'm not DL. IF DL really thinks his team needs a big time goalscorer, which it seems like since every summer LA is strongly after guys like Kovalchuk, then he needs to get it done. If that means signing a Hossa type of contract, then do it. Either that or find a way to trade for one. Also, it's not 29 other teams. It's more likely 3-5 other teams. No way all 30 teams are strongly contending for Kovalchuk, Hossa, Gaborik, Drury, etc.
Not saying its not unheard of, just that those guys are few and far between.

DL only offered 2 years which wasnt a bad offer when everything is taken into account. Look at all the injury problems the guy had the previous couple of years before he became a free agent.

I seem to recall him offering Hossa nearly the same deal Chicago did. He chose Chicago because of their record. Hes giving these guys fair offers but they choose to sign where the travel is much easier. I cant even remember the last big name forward to sign west of the central time zone. Its a problem almost every west coast team has minus Detroit and Chicago.

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