Thread: Confirmed with Link: Turris traded to Ottawa (confirmed)
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12-19-2011, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Sindiggy View Post
All of us on the Yotes board would agree that he plays absolutely no defense and gets pushed off the puck easily.

However, you will get polar opposites from the board on whether Kyle is a "punk" or that he got treated poorly by management. The truth like many things in life is somewhere in between.

I can tell you for sure that Kyle will fit into the Sens system better than the Yotes, but with that said, I can't see Turris putting up decent points until he's moved to the wing. His wicked wrister just screams for him to be moved to the wing, where he can be put in a shooting situation with a quality will notice that from the clips of him, that more of his goals come off the pass rather than him creating something for himself.

He won't create space and tries to dangle through guys all the time and turns over the puck every time while trying. His wrister is lethal, but you'll find it frustrating watching him play in the defensive zone as he resembles an 8th grade girl on a sadie hawkins mission. He will undoubtedly put up more pts for Ottawa than he did for the Yotes just by shear mass of more minutes.

You can put me in the 'hate him now' side and wish him nothing but misery. He was supposed to be the savior, the 3rd overall player that would be able to put up Patty Kane type of he'll be booed feverishly when the Sens come to Phx.
One of the problems with moving him to wing is he is below average at retrieving and working pucks in the corners. Just doesn't have the lower body/torso strength to hold position in the corners. While his defense isn't great either way, he's better off playing center in the offensive zone imo as that's the forward position playing higher in the zone the majority of the time.

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